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Throwback to the biggest moments of 2021 !

Despite the twists and turns due to the sanitary crisis, we still managed to accomplish unique the projects and accomplishments this year !

Here is a look back at our great moments in 2021!

January > September

Afri'cask Playlists

1 playlist per week

1 country

1 music professional

In order to promote the musical richness of the African continent, a different playlist per week was proposed throughout the year, reflecting the current musical landscape of an African country, prepared by a major cultural actor of the country.


March 2021

Workshops around the music of the Rrways

To develop the artistic sense of the young generation through workshops of initiation to the Tirruysa

Meetings between middle and high school students from the Souss region and several Rrways artists, researchers and academics were organized as part of the program "Human Development of Future Generations" in partnership with the INDH of Agadir to promote and transmit this Moroccan cultural heritage to younger generations.


April 2021

Rési'Jazz : Artistic residency & concert

Celebration of the International Jazz Day !

To celebrate International Jazz Day, a Moroccan-Tunisian artists' residency was organized, in order to produce a new musical piece. The concert was broadcast on April 30th, 2021, after an online conference. This event is part of the Musika project "Music as a tool for sustainable development in Morocco", organized in partnership with UNESCO Maghreb.


April 2021

African Women in Jazz

The African Women of Jazz in the spotlight

On the occasion of the 10th edition of International Jazz Day on April 30, a special program to celebrate African women in jazz was put in place by the Director of UNESCO's Gender Equality Division, Jamila Seftaoui. More than 30 artists were highlighted in concert, following a series of virtual discussions with women journalists, producers and jazz artists from across the continent. The concerts remained available for viewing on the UN website for nearly a week.


May 2021

International Africa Week

Celebration of African culture in all its splendor

The International Africa Week, created by UNESCO, took place from May 24th to 30th, 2021. On this occasion, a unique program was offered throughout the week to celebrate the richness and musical diversity of the continent.


September 2021

Music Professionals Advisory Workshops

Participatory sessions for the development of the Moroccan music sector

Consultative workshops on the development of the Moroccan music sector with music professionals and institutional stakeholders were organized from September, 20th to 30th, 2021 in 5 cities in Morocco (Agadir, Oujda, Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat). The goal of these consultations is to eventually develop a research and consultation plan for participatory policy development, as well as to raise awareness of the increased impact of the music sector as an employment opportunity. This project is supported by the UNESCO Office in Rabat and organized by ANYA.


September 2021

Mobile Stage Training

Capacities' development for music professionals

Organization of a one-day training course, intended for young technicians to assimilate the functioning of the mobile stage, the first one approved and used for live shows in Morocco.


October 2021

Ephemeral Exhibition "The Art of the Rrways

Exhibition of images, texts and poems of this cultural heritage of Amazigh itinerant poets

Following the Anthology of the Rrways, published in December 2020 and the beau-livre ‘The Art of the Rrways' currently in the publishing process, an exhibition entitled "The Art of the Rrways" was organized in Agadir on October 29th, 2021 in order to present to the public in preview, the beauty of this intangible cultural heritage.


November 2021

Visa For Music 2021

8th edition of the festival and market of African and Middle Eastern music

Combining the expertise of the physical editions since 2014, and the success of the digital edition in 2020, the 8th edition of the Visa For Music festival was held from November 17th to 26th in face-to-face and digital, in a hybrid version of a new kind, a first in Morocco.


November 2021

African Copyright Day

Art residency and conference

As part of the Year of Arts and Culture designated by the African Union as well as the African Copyright Day, a series of cultural events were organized to honor the two components that are Africa and gender. The artistic residency "African Women in Jazz" was held, bringing together 7 women from different backgrounds to create a musical universe at the confluence of their artistic influences, with an exit concert. In addition, a conference on copyright and collective management in times of crisis Covid-19 in Africa was held, as part of Visa For Music 2021. This day was organized in partnership with the Moroccan Copyright Office, the Ministry of Culture and their partners, notably the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).


Anya team thanks all the partners who support these cultural projects and thus contribute to the development of the cultural sector in Morocco.

Happy holidays !

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