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The Anthology of Ṛṛways is out. A Journey into the Realm of Amazigh Wandering Poet-singers

Dernière mise à jour : 28 janv. 2022

Discover the New Jewel of the Moroccan Amazigh Musical Heritage...

The Anthology of Ṛṛways is the result of two years of meticulous work and many days of recording and filming to bring together in a quality work some significant pieces from the old repertoires, but also from the new albums of the music of Ṛṛways.

This new anthology, "Ṛṛways:A Journey into the Realm of Amazigh Wandering Poet-singers", a result of meticulous research work, comes in the form of a boxed set of 10 albums containing 100 titles recorded by more than 80 artistsat the studio in Casablanca. The anthology does alsocontain 3 booklets, of 120 pages each, in Arabic, French and English tackling several themes such as the origins of the music of Ṛṛways, its history and its evolution over time, the different rhythms ... as well as the biographies of the main Ṛṛways and Taṛṛwaysin.

The Anthology is first and foremost a tribute to Taṛṛwaysin, Ṛṛways and all those who continue to perpetuate this artistic tradition which is an integral part of our national musical heritage. This project came into being thanks to the involvement and spontaneous mobilisation of many researchers, technicians and artists, including about fifty music performers and singers from several regions of Morocco mainly, Agadir, Inzegane, Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, Ouarzazate..., all eager to share their art and contribute through this project to its preservation and transmission.

For those who are acquainted with this musical genre, these educational booklets will open the doors to this musical heritage: the origins of the music of Ṛṛways, its history and evolution over time, the rhythms and different melodies as well as the choreographies used in the performances. Listening to the titles attached to these booklets will enhance yourexperience and knowledge about this art.

The Anthology of Ṛṛways, a joint production of Association Atlas Azawan and Anya, under the direction of Brahim El Mazned, is an embodiment of the willingness of the involved parties to preserve and promote the intangible heritage of Moroccothrough the music of Ṛṛways; an art which finally took the place it long-deserved. This serves as an invitation to discover this newbook of the Moroccan musical heritage jewelled by the best artists. It is also an invitation to delve deeper in the wonderful realm of the music of Ṛṛways.

The Anthology of Ṛṛways: Key Figures:

- 1000 copies of the Anthology destined for institutions, libraries, conservatories, universities, cultural centres in Morocco and abroad;

- 100 musical titles;

- 10 albums;

- 3 booklets (English/French/Arabic);

- 80 musicians including 50 performers;

- 2 years of meticulousresearch and field work.

The anthology is available on !


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