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From Visa for Music to a leader of the African music industry

Anya is an independent cultural enterprise based in Rabat. It was established in 2014 to administer Visa For Music, the first professional marketplace and festival of music in Morocco, Africa and the Middle East.

Today Anya has expanded its activities while remaining focused on the music industry.

Through its activities, Anya substantially contributes to the development of a reliable and sustainable cultural industry for the benefit of artists and society as a whole.


As a director of ANYA, founding director of Visa For Music, and artistic director of Timitar Festival in Agadir, Brahim El Mazned is a visionary cultural entrepreneur.

He was recently selected in the Guide of Cultural Diversity, "Les Aventuriers de la Culture", among the 100 exemplary actors of sustainable cultural development, and as one of the 100 personalities who make difference in Morocco and promote it, according to “TELQUEL”.

​He is also a member of the EU/UNESCO Expertise Bank 2019-2022, which supports initiatives to implement and promote the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

He is a great connoisseur and ardent defender of the music and arts of Morocco and is committed to their enhancement and preservation.


Our vision consists of enabling artists and cultural operators from Morocco, Africa and the Middle East to make a living from music or the music industry.

  • To promote Moroccan, African and Middle Eastern artists;

  • To provide work opportunities to artists and cultural operators;

  • To enable people with little access to music performances to discover the work of artists through organizing local activities;

  • To participate in the preservation, promotion and transmission of Morocco's intangible musical heritage;


In Rabat, we are known for organizing Visa For Music, the largest music concert in Africa dedicated to African and Middle Eastern music, which brings together professionals from all over the world every year. VFM Academy aims at extending and strengthening Visa For Music's activities in the field of training.

We have created Anya Editions, dedicated to the creation and publishing of anthologies and beautiful books to bring back to life musical styles that are representative of the Moroccan identity.

Through the artistic direction of numerous events, we create job opportunities for artists and help them gain visibility.

We share our experience and expertise by providing advice and support to cultural enterprises.

In order to develop the cultural offer throughout Morocco, we are equipped with the country's first mobile stage, which we make available for rental.


Africa, the cradle and future of music

Africa keeps contributing enormously to the world of art and culture; thanks to its roots, the power of its human resources, and the determination of its cultural actors. Its music, which is still dynamic and innovative, has particularly inspired current musical styles.

The African music scene is vibrant and inspiring, as rich as it is creative. Yet, artists from Africa and the Middle East lack international visibility. It is from this paradox that Visa For Music, the first professional market for music from Africa and the Middle East, was born in 2014. 

Visa For Music is an avant-garde event that brings together the actors of the Moroccan and international music industry. In a few years, Visa For Music has established itself as a significant event in Rabat and an important economic actor, thus, participating actively in the promotion of Rabat city.


Music for all

To strengthen and extend Visa For Music's activities, which are aimed at young people, artists and cultural operators, in the areas of training, structuring, and professionalization of the music sector, we are launching the VFM Academy!

VFM Academy also makes it possible to reach new audiences, namely, school-age children through a musical education program based on discovery and awareness-raising.

VFM Academy relies on the reputation and legitimacy of Visa For Music, acquired through the organization of six previous editions that have spread beyond the country's borders. Visa For Music brings credibility to the project, which is synonymous with professionalism and success.

VFM Academy also stands as an alternative for Visa For Music and allows it to operate throughout the year.

Gabarit AR-FR (1).jpg

The pleasure of listening and the duty of preservation

Morocco's geography and history have enabled it to have an intangible cultural heritage of great richness and high quality, thanks to the diversity of its territories and communities.

Protecting, safeguarding and promoting our heritage, in particular the performing arts, is essential to strengthen our identity and accentuate our sense of belonging to a land, a region, a country and a community of history and destiny.

By publishing anthologies and beautiful books, we are committed to preserving our unique heritage and passing it on to future generations.


Proven expertise and an extensive network

Thanks to more than 20 years of practice in the cultural industries, our extensive network of artists and operators in Morocco, Africa and the world, and thanks to the visionary spirit and expertise of Brahim El Mazned, we are today a leader in the music sector and a major actor in Morocco and Africa. Our know-how is recognized; our ideas are valued and respected.

We offer our services, skills and network to the public and private sector through an artistic direction and consulting services.

Tell us about your projects, and we will advise and accompany you !

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Meeting the public

To respond to the problem of social-spatial inequalities in access to culture, we are equipped with a mobile stage, allowing us to get as close as possible to the public.

The stage is easy to transport, set up, and dismantle. Indeed, the mobile stage creates a real space of expression for artists and speakers, and it allows a multitude of uses.

A rental service, we happily provide to communities, festival organizers or anyone wishing to organize an event.

We also provide all the technical equipment for immediate use: sound, lights, stage equipment and mobile dressing rooms.

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